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Mattress Cleaning in Gaithersburg

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg is a trusted and reputable service provider within the city of Gaithersburg. We offer a diverse range of services, such as hardwood floor refinishing, pet urine cleaning, stain removal, water damage restoration, etc. Our team of licensed cleaning experts have the experience and knowledge when it comes to providing these services, and our cleaning results are genuinely astonishing.

Steam Mattress Cleaning & Deep Cleaning: Things to Know

Cleaning the mattresses is just as important as cleaning the upholstery and carpet within your home. Many individuals think that the bed does not require cleaning until there's an accident or a spill. But that's not correct. Mattresses require a lot more regular cleaning because of the number of times you use them.

With too much usage, dust, sweat, body oils, and dead skin flakes get piled within the mattress. If these things are not cleaned, they will give birth to unwanted health conditions and issues. But there are two ways through which one can clean up the mattress. Look below.


Steam Mattress Cleaning

The mattress steam cleaning process will remove dust and dirt particles that can cause severe skin and respiratory diseases. This particular procedure will also remove the dust mites from the mattress as it's one of the biggest concerns. Even though dust mites can be relatively harmless, a massive number of them will lead to allergic reactions, such as difficulty breathing and blocked nose. The professionals will conduct steam cleaning at high temperatures to kill the pests right before vacuuming.

When you want to eradicate odor and tough stains, it is highly recommended to opt for steam cleaning solutions. Many individuals spend half of their day on the bed, which leads to the spilling of body oils and sweat. But if there are pets and children at home, the chances of obtaining a stain or odor will be much higher. People might try to camouflage the stains with a clean bed sheet, but it will too get stained and filled with odor. This is where steam cleaning comes in as the ultimate lifesaver of the mattress.

The professional steam cleaning services will conduct hot water extraction that will get rid of all the things present within the mattress once and for all. Professional steam cleaning can also decrease the chances for it to become dilapidated and protect your investment in your bed.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning stands out as another method or technique of cleaning the mattress. This technique not only gets under the surface to remove contaminants, but also is great for taking care of stains from blood and urine, as well as odors. If your home has high humidity or you have survived a flood, your upholstered furniture and mattresses may also have suffered. Worse than stains and bed mites can be only mold in mattress. If you suspect mold, it is important to have mold testing ASAP. When homeowners have our team deep clean a mattress, it improves the quality of sleep. It also can improve the air quality within the home's interiors and provides relief from asthma and allergies. This method takes more time than steam cleaning, but does an amazing job on most mattresses.

Both the deep and steam cleaning techniques are ideal for mattress cleaning, and our customers are free to opt for any one of the methods. Our technicians carry the knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment to provide the best cleaning service. We are quick and will make sure to get the work done in a hassle-free manner.


The Professional Technique of Mattress Cleaning

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg follows simple and easy steps to provide professional cleaning services for a mattress. Below listed are the steps that make up a practical and high-quality cleaning service.

  • The cleaners will inspect the condition of the mattress, for any areas that will require special attention in cleaning.
  • The professionals will utilize high-tech hot water extraction equipment to clean the surface and even beneath the surface, removed dust and allergenic particles.
  • Stained areas are treated with appropriate cleaning solutions to break down enzymes and clean the mattress.
  • Provide allergy treatment.
  • Deodorizing.
  • Extracting any excess moisture from the mattress with the extraction equipment, for quick drying of the mattress.

The mattress cleaning price is pretty reasonable, and UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg will provide high quality services for fair and affordable pricing. Due to our cost-effective services, we have gained a good reputation in the market.

Homeowners or individuals interested in providing their mattress a good cleaning must contact our cleaning experts in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We utilize the best cleaning products and also the greener ones. We are happy to provide free estimates, so give us a call to book an appointment. It's guaranteed that you will receive a home that is free of pollutants, dust, and dirt.

"I would recommend this company to any one! ask for Greg he is a really nice guy on time and did a amazing job hope he finds this message ! See you in a few months!"

- Shihan J.
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