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Cleaner Offices, Less Sick Days

On the Relation Between Cleaning and Health

As you might expect, healthier employees are better for your business. If employees take less sick days, your business is more efficient and things are always on track. So, one must wonder what he can do to reduce the sick days and improve productivity. While some measures are hard to control (like the employees genes, unless you're a family company), but some are very simple - like making sure the working environment is clean and allergen free.

Reduce risks and sick rates - and all around win

When reducing risks and hazards for employees, the business is not the only one to benefit from it. The employee, his family, and anyone who is related to the company (even the occasional visitor or customer) benefit greatly. Imagine an employee who is allergic to dust mite.

At home, they have total control over their environment. However, at work it's a different story. Walking into the office, he starts sniffling. A little bit of red eyes. Then a few sneezes which make everyone suspect he's got a cold. People move away so they don't catch the flu or similar. The employee wastes several hours on a running nose, incapable of concentrating and getting things done. If only there were less dust mite or better - none at all.


Cleaning the carpets eliminates a lot of risks at once

Why? There are several factors involved:

Because the carpets act as filters. They accumulate soil, dust and lots of other substances that are allergens or just dirt that should be disposed of. Even if you have a janitorial service vacuuming every day or two, it's still not as deep as hot water extraction carpet cleaners do, or the deeper methods which include shampooing and other cleaning agents that will get all the soil and dust out.

Because carpets hide dust mite and dirt very well. A lot of times, people don't believe us when we show them the water extracted from their carpet cleaning service. They don't believe how much dirt we take out. When something changes over a long period of time, we may not notice the change as it happens, only after a certain point. It may be discoloration, wear & tear or any other change.

Because we are "blind" to the change, we don't see how old the carpet looks and how much it has become soiled over time. Everything that is accumulated I the carpet (since they act like filters) is quite well hidden from the eye. Thus, you don't really know what goes on in the carpet. And trust us, it isn't nice.

Because a neglected carpet grows evil stuff.Yes, some of the stuff that hides in your carpets is evil. Are you familiar with black mold? If you aren't, it's time you learn more about it. Black mold grows in humid / wet places, where spores can grow. If you have a carpet, by the time you see the black mold on the surface, you'd need to replace the carpet due to the amount of black mold you'll have. So, be aware of it. If you have signs of wetness or a black stain slowly growing, you'd better get someone to look at it. You never know what might spawn in your carpets.


Because allergens depend on concentration, and the carpets collects them. Every person who's allergic to something airborne knows it all lies in the concentration. Not everyone dies from every allergy, and some people have a threshold where their allergies kick in. at some point, the dust and dust mites in your carpets won't be contained by the carpet anymore, and then the whole office will have the symptoms we opened this post with - sneezing, sniffling, red eyes, and you don't want that, do you?

Healthier work environment means healthier employees

Keep the work environment clean as you can. It doesn't mean you need to keep a weekly deep cleaning schedule, but be aware of what is a health hazard in your office, and have it cleaned on a periodical basis. With carpets, it's recommended to clean them every 4-6 months for optimal maintenance and cleanliness. Make your employees feel better, so your business runs better.

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