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Mold Testing & Mold Inspection - Gaithersburg

Why you need Mold Inspection

Most people's understanding of indoor air quality in Gaithersburg is often restricted to their knowledge of the benefits an air conditioning system brings inside their home. They, therefore, aren't aware of the importance of mold inspection to improving indoor air quality. A regular mold inspection in the home is critical because of the health issues related to inhaling fungus-based life forms. These health problems can range from throat and skin irritation, sinus congestion and even frequent headaches. At UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg, we understand these issues, and that is why our company provides mold testing services.


What is Mold Inspection?

If you are looking to have your home inspected for mold, it is essential that you understand what the process entails. A mold inspection specialist will first determine where the water in the house goes. This information lets the specialist know the possible areas where mold is likely to grow.

Inspection Results

Usually, mold inspection results are available immediately after the process. This is especially the case when the mold is on open space such as the walls, ceiling and under kitchen sink counter-tops. Depending on the spread, the mold inspection specialist will let you know if there is cause to worry or not.

Mold Inspection Cost

Inspection costs vary depending on the severity of mold infestation as well as the amount of work that will go into the process. For instance, mold inspection on a home that has never been inspected will cost more compared to one that receives regular inspection service.

Mold inspection $149
Moisture issues detection with thermal imaging camera $129

Mold Testing in Gaithersburg

Visually inspecting surfaces for mold growth isn't enough and specialists have to make sure there is mold. Mold testing is essential for both the landlord and the tenant. It can also help a home buyer negotiate a favorable mortgage rate.

What Mold Testing Involves

Air sampling pumps and swabs are an essential part of mold testing. Our mold specialists at UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg use these tools to collect the following samples; air quality sample - determines mold presence in indoor air; cavity sample - detects mold growth between walls and ceiling; surface samples - tests for the possible strains of mold present on home surfaces.

Once collected, these samples are delivered to an independent laboratory where they are thoroughly analyzed.



Testing Results

Once the control and test samples are delivered to the laboratory, it takes approximately 48-72 hours to get the test results back. Our specialists at UCM Carpet Cleaning of Gaithersburg then use these results and compare it to the results of the control (outside) samples. A detailed report is then prepared which is essential to the tenant and landlord for tenancy rights protection especially if it is a new tenancy agreement.

Mold Testing Cost

The cost of mold testing varies depending on the number and types of tests you need. Typically, you need at least two tests, for the outdoors and indoors.

Mold testing (includes two samples - one is a control) $395
Additional samples for mold testing (if needed) $95

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